Contrasting China and US Social Distancing Impact on Flattening the Curve

App.JackPrior.Org now has the ability to adjust the time window of social distancing used in forecasting.

For any particular country you want to use the “Growth Rate” button to view the rate at which the daily growth rate is dropping and choose the window that best represents the country’s current social distancing practices for use in forecasting future behavior.

Looking at China’s case growth rate, their steep decline occurred between February 6th and March 14th and where their case growth rate dropped at a rate of 17.5% / day from 20% to 0. 003% in ~37 days.

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Covid-19 Hospitalization Patterns By State

Massachusetts has nearly twice the number of total deaths per total hospitalizations than the next closest states on this metric. Daily Deaths and Hospitalizations are nearly equal in MA while in the remainder of the country hospitalizations tend to fall clearly above the rate of new deaths. Some hypotheses as to why this could be the case include treatment of nursing home patients outside of hospital settings or more deaths at home than in other states. See article from the globe on the slow drop in hospitalizations for MA.

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Latest Projections (21Apr)

It is surprisingly hard to do things in R that are easy in Excel, but at least now it is automated using data from This is hot of the press and needs debugging and sensitivity analysis. I am not an epidemiologist and am just looking for simple patterns to extrapolate. Some of these projections seem unreasonable, or perhaps just depressing. In particular, the extrapolations for deaths seem too high for Massachusetts at the moment.

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Projecting Massachusetts COVID-19 Hospital Admissions

Information on Massachusetts Hospital Admissions is available on the Mass.Gov COVID-19 Cases, Quarantine and Monitoring website. The growth rate* in daily admissions has been declining exponentially over time since social distancing was implemented.

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Projecting the Flattening Curve In the United States

[Daily Plot at bottom added 4/17]

As countries around the world have implemented social distancing, they have seen an exponential decrease in their daily case growth rates, each likely reflecting their distancing practices. This pattern can be used to project estimates of how cases and deaths will progress in the US in the coming weeks and months.

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