Leadership, Culture, and Success Bending the Curve

The app.jackprior.org app now allows you to select more than one state/country for its plots.

On NPR “Up First” podcast this morning, Jason Beaubien noted that “there are some trends emerging in the types of governments best able to respond to this. If you look at the countries having the toughest time they have some similarities.”

If you look at current Case growth rates, the data shows Bolsonaro (6%), Putin (3%), Trump (1.5%), Johnson (1.3%), Erdogan (.7%), Merkel/Macron/Japan (0.1-0.2%).

28May2020 Update:

The app now has additional aggregated entries including entries for states with governors from each major party, states by how they voted in 2016 election, and the states that voted most strongly for each side in 2016.

The data suggest that on average the red states slowed their infection growth more slowly than Blue states starting in mid-April.

Here is this data along with other countries on the spectrum of distancing success:

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